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Social Impact LIVE: How Can We #StopAsianHate?

April 20, 2021
12:00 PM - 12:45 PM


The United States has seen a dramatic rise in the numbers of anti-Asian hate crimes, harassment, and discrimination since the start of COVID-19, culminating in the March 16 Atlanta spa shootings. This incident has served to galvanize this highly diverse community into joining together to protest against what many see as a long history of discrimination and oppression. In this episode of Social Impact LIVE, host Richard Hara (bio) sits down with three of our faculty members—Qin Gao (bio), Amy Kapadia (bio), and Jeanette Takamura (bio)—to talk about the #StopAsianHate movement and what it hopes to achieve. They will share insights on the history of racism and xenophobia in America and discuss Professor Gao and her research team’s recent survey of more than 400 New Yorkers of Chinese descent.

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